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Like Flowers in Sand Episode 8 Recap: Jang Dong-Yoon, Lee Joo-Myoung Share Their First Kiss

Like Flowers in Sand episode 8, starring Jang Dong-Yoon as Kim Baek-Du and Lee Joo-Myoung as Oh Yu-Gyeong/Du-Sik, aired on Thursday, January 11, 2024. The Netflix K-drama is a sports romance series.

In episode 8, Baek-Du stands alone while competing against ace wrestlers in a championship match after his teammates get sick. However, he doesn’t lose confidence as Du-Sik cheers for him in the crowd. He showcases his talent by winning every round, but as he reaches the semi-finals, Baek-Du finds out that Du-Sik has left. 

Baek-Du somehow starts to lose all the following rounds. When the team returns home, he gets drunk and confronts Du-Sik for leaving him. The two have friendly banter, and Du-Sik compliments him for wrestling well in the competition. Baek-Du gazes at her and then kisses her, leaving Du-Sik in shock.

Like Flowers in Sand episode 8 spoilers: Du-Sik slaps Baek-Du after he kisses her


Like Flowers in Sand episode 8 begins with a flashback from Baek-Du (Jang Dong-Yoon) and Du-Sik’s childhood. It introduces Joo Mi-Ran, the daughter of the wrestler. He was rumored to have been killed by Du-Sik’s father ages ago. The next scene transitions to the present day, where Du-Sik is standing in Mi-Ran’s (Kim Bo-Ra) cafe.

For context, Du-Sik left Geosan County after her father was accused of the wrestler’s murder. He was the ssireum (Korean wrestling) team’s head coach. In the latest episode, it is revealed why Mi-Ran was interested in the stories related to Du-Sik. When the latter is at the wrestling competition supporting Baek-Du, she gets a call about Mi-Ran’s background. Hence, she rushes back to town and leaves Baek-Du alone.


When he finds out that she is not in the crowd, he seems to lose confidence and loses all the matches after that. However, his skills put him among the top five wrestlers. A drunk Baek-Du confronts Du-Sik on the same night. Their conversation ends with him kissing her. Du-Sik finds it shocking and slaps him on his forehead. The next day, Baek-Du doesn’t remember anything. When the two meet at the training center, Lee Joo-Myoung‘s character acts awkwardly. 

Worried about the murder case, she asks Baek-Du to remember the night of the accident. He couldn’t remember anything because he was drunk. While trying to figure out the incident, he remembers the kiss between him and Du-Sik. He tells her that it was a dream. Looking at her expression, he realizes it actually happened. However, things get awkward between them soon after.

Like Flowers in Sand episode 8 ending: Is Mi-Ran connected to the town’s infamous murder case?


Baek-Du runs away from Du-Sik after recalling their first kiss in K-drama Like Flowers in Sand episode 8. Once he catches his breath, he finds himself on the same road where he met Choi Chil-Seong on the day of the latter’s accident. Baek-Du remembers that there was someone else in the car with him.

Baek-Du runs to Du-Sik to reveal the name of the person. As he is about to say it, Min-Ran walks in. Like Flowers in Sand episode 8 ends with Kim Bo-Ra’s character saying, “You [Baek-Du] said you didn’t remember, but you remember everything. I guess I don’t need to hide anything now. Shall we talk?”

Earlier, Du-Sik suspected Chil-Seong was behind the old incident involving his and Min-Ra’s father. She also discovered that the match-fixer used to meet Min-Ra and was in town for her on the day of his accident. Initially, Chil-Seong’s death was declared as suicide. Later, Du-Sik and his work partner arrived at the town as undercover cops, hinting it to be a murder case.

Like Flowers in Sand airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on ENA and Netflix.

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