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Echo MCU Timeline: Where & When Does It Take Place?

With the arrival of Echo in Phase 5, many fans wonder about its place in the ever-growing MCU timeline. Where and when is its story set? Here’s all you need to know about Echo’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When does Echo take place in the MCU timeline?

Since Echo takes place 5 months after Hawkeye, which was set in the 2024 holiday period, Echo’s place in the timeline is mid-2025.

The series does create a slight issue that’s similar to Spider-Man: Homecoming’s timeline mistake. But it’s not as extreme as that. A flashback shows that Maya Lopez and her father left Tamaha, Oklahoma, and moved to New York in 2007. Then it is revealed that 20 years had passed when Maya returned to her hometown. So, that should make Echo’s setting to be in 2027.

But that isn’t accurate because Hawkeye took place in 2024 and Echo takes place 5 months after that. So, we could just assume that the “20 years” reference used by the characters was just a figure of speech. Technically, Maya returned to her hometown after around 18 years.

Besides that, the story showed events of several years from the past. A few scenes between Maya and Kingpin took place in 2008 and 2021. The first Choctaw leader, Chafa emerged from the cave in ancient times. Maya’s second powerful ancestor, Lowak, was spotted in 1200 AD. The third ancestor, Tuklo, protected her people in the Late 1800s. Then, we witnessed the scene of Maya’s mother, Taloa’s birth possibly in the 1970s.

Where is Echo set?

Echo partially takes place in New York City, but its narrative primarily unravels in Tamaha, Oklahoma.

Anyone who has seen even half an episode of Echo will have noticed that its setting is in Tamaha, Oklahoma. Writings of the town’s name flash across the screen quite a few times. Apart from that, Maya is also seen spending a bit of time in New York City before moving back to Tamaha.

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