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Queenpin Marvel: Who Is She? Will Echo Take Over From Kingpin?

After watching Echo, many fans wish to find out about the Queenpin. Who is she and will Echo get this title in her series? Here’s all you need to know.

Who is Queenpin in Marvel?

While there is no specific character who was called the Queenpin on Earth-616, a variant Felicia Hardy/Black Cat became the Queenpin on Earth-TRN461 in Marvel’s Multiverse.

On this Earth, Green Goblin formed a criminal empire known as the Goblin Nation. But when Spider-Man took it down, Felicia Hardy saw an opportunity to take the lead. She ended the power vacuum by taking Goblin’s place and creating her own criminal army. That earned her the moniker of ‘Queenpin.’

But the MCU almost had its own Queenpin in Echo. After thinking that she killed Kingpin, Maya Lopez makes a move to take over his criminal empire. She wished to become the Queenpin. But with Kingpin being alive, her wish doesn’t come true, as she chooses not to move forward with her plan.   

Does Echo become Queenpin in the MCU?

No, Maya Lopez does not become the Queenpin in Echo. She chooses to stay back with her family and be the protector of Tamaha instead.

The first half of the Echo series saw Maya Lopez trying to rise in the ranks and take Kingpin’s place. But when Fisk returned, he asked her to return with him. He offered her his empire and the spot of ‘Queenpin.’ All she had to do was join him in his crusade. But she couldn’t support the man who killed her father and initially chose to leave town.

Kingpin saw this as a sign of betrayal and went after her family. So, looking at the Biskinik bird, Maya understood what her uncle was going to do. She went back to Tamaha and protected her family against Fisk and his forces.

Maya doesn’t become the Queenpin and won’t claim the position even if the current Kingpin were to die.

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