Year 10 Drama Students Shine In Their First Live Performance

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29th Nov 2022

On the evening of Thursday 24th November, forty Year 10 students all took part in a performance evening, to parents and friends, demonstrating the practical performances they have been devising in lessons for the past 9 weeks. The students were given a brief, to devise a Verbatim performance based on a real-life event, of their choice. 

There was a variety of events included in the evening such as: The Enfield Hauntings, Life of Princess Diana, Shooting of JFK, 911 and World War One, including true spoken 
dialogue and poems from victims of the events. 

The department was filled with anticipation before the performance, but all students shone during the evening, demonstrating the talent we have in our GCSE classes this year. This was a practice before their real devised performance for their GCSE component in April.

We look forward to seeing how much our students have progressed.