Students Inspired by Mathematicians

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6th Dec 2022

The Maths Department, Mrs Hrabak, Mr Atkins and Mrs Hawkes, took 43 of our Sixth Form and Year 11 students to a Maths Inspiration Trip to Cambridge.

The Maths Inspiration show was a unique opportunity to participate in a national programme of interactive maths lectures aimed at teenagers.

Inspiring speakers such as Jen Rogers (the statistician who worked for the creation of the Covid vaccine, who spoke about how the probability of vaccines and medical experiments is understood but what it really means), Zoe Griffiths (who spoke about how numbers are presented and misleading in everyday news), Rob Eastaway (well known mathematician/writer, who spoke about the morality and guilt in numbers) and Ben Sparks (the stand-up mathematician/musician, who spoke about spirals, square root of 2, Pythagoras, not the Golden Ratio, and played the windmills of your mind on stage!) ran the lectures who present mathematics live, in a context of exciting real-world applications!

Our students enjoyed it immensely, participated on stage with probability experiments, (well done Sophie B.!), got inspired by the way maths was presented and had fun!