Students Get Creative in MFL 'Surprise Me' homework

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4th Nov 2022

During half term Year 7 and 8 students were given a creative ‘Surprise Me’ homework in Spanish & German.

The MFL department was overwhelmed with submissions ranging from fact files, home-made videos, lego, art work, posters and baked items! We wanted students to discover the culture behind the language they are studying and welcomed their creative side. We also liked the idea of this homework being something that the student’s family could enjoy taking part in (especially if it was a home-cooked item!).

We received photos of home-made paellas, tortillas, frittatas, tapas along with many other German baked treats.   We were also amazed by the talent in these two year groups as we received an animated video in Spanish created by students in Year 7 (Kelsey T, Amy W, Sara L, Riley H-B & Rosie T), impressive art work from Daisy D, Freya P and Odri M (Year 7) and saw some excellent cooking skills from Aiden M, Neve B, Amber M, Anesu D, Max, (Year 7), Scarlett, Orlagh & Grace (Year 8)

Thank you to everyone who took part!

¡Muchas gracias a todos! / Vielen dank!