Half Term Ski Trip to Austria

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21st Feb 2023

The school ski trip for Year 8, 9 and 10 students departed on Friday 10th February with students wearing their ski trip hoodies and bags packed full of ski stuff and snacks for the long coach journey ahead.

Students arrived in St Johann in Tirol early on Saturday morning and after checking in at their accommodation, Pension Lacknerhof, they organised their ski hire and had ski boots, poles and skis measured for size.

Sunday 12th Feb was their first day skiing with students sorted into groups based on their ability level. Groups 1 & 2 spent the morning on the beginners slopes whilst groups 3 & 4 went on to the gondola and up the mountain. On Sunday evening they went to St Johann’s swimming pool which had  both an indoor and an outdoor pool, some slides and a diving board. 

On Monday 13th Feb, they had their second day of skiing, the groups were progressing quickly and the instructors were impressed with the determination from our students. On Monday evening, students took part in the Great Baddow High School Talent Show! Students had to come up with their category, plan their outfits and choreography and perform to a panel of judges. There was some great performances, comedy, magic, gymnastics and singing! The winners were the Year 9 boys who performed their rendition of another love which had us all in hysterics.

Tuesday was their third day skiing and the groups continued to build in confidence and in the afternoon they watched a ski show which included lots of routines and tricks from the ski instructors.

Wednesday was the fourth day skiing where students  met for lunch at the middle stop on the gondola and they had time for a quick snowball fight before another afternoon of skiing.

The final day of skiing was on Thursday and the instructors let the groups have a little bit more freedom on this day to try some of their own tricks they had seen on TikTok or that the instructors had told them about. 

They also held an awards ceremony which included the following awards:

  • Most improved skier - Alfie
  • Most determined skier- Ewan
  • Most stylish skier - Grace
  • Best fall whilst skiing - George F
  • Biggest comedian- Ronnie
  • Sassiest award - Fern
  • Lass on tour - Sienna
  • Lad on tour - Julien

They had an amazing time and the instructors complimented our students on how well they performed and how polite they were throughout the week.