Expectations in the Sixth Form

Getting involved and taking opportunities is one of the greatest fundamentals of being successful within our school. 

Our expectations for academic excellence occur right from gaining GCSE results. Students are sent transition into Sixth Form work that they are expected to complete prior to starting with us. This gives us a good indication of who is prepared to work. 


High attendance is essential if students are going to fulfil their potential. We closely monitor students and will speak to students very early on if we have any concerns. Our school day is 8.40 a.m. until 3.15 p.m. and students are expected to be on site for the duration of the day. Students are allowed to sign out at lunchtime if they want but have to be back in school for the afternoon lessons. 

Security and safety 

We value the safety of all our students and therefore students are expected to wear lanyards with photographic ID at all times. This allows all staff and students to know that they are Sixth Form students and a part of our community. 

Dress code

We adopt a policy of a smart – non uniform dress code. Students are expected to be proud of their appearance and ensure that they remain a role model to students lower down in the school. 

Students can wear smart trousers, smart jeans (no rips/frays) or skirts (no mini-skirts). Leggings are not permitted as part of the uniform. Students can wear smart, tailored knee length shorts. 

Students can wear smart shirts/blouses, polo shirts and jumpers. Round neck t-shirts and tight-fitting vest tops are not permitted. Tops should not be revealing. 

Hoodies and tracksuit bottoms are not allowed. 

Footwear needs to be appropriate for a school environment and therefore flip-flops are not permitted. 

Facial piercings are not permitted and only ear piercing is acceptable. 

Please note that if you are not wearing appropriate attire, you will be sent home to change. 


As students have chosen to be at the Sixth Form and have chosen their options there is rarely any issue with behaviour. The Sixth Form adopts the same behaviour policy as in Year 7-11 and whole school detentions will be issued if it is deemed necessary. If there is additional issues with behaviour then there will be a formal meeting between the Head of Sixth Form, student and parent. 

School Contract 

When students join the Sixth Form they sign a contract that outlines the above expectations. Students and parents are expected to sign these. If students do not follow our expectations they will be asked to leave the Sixth Form. Fortunately this rarely happens.