Club Timetables

Extra-curricular activities are strongly encouraged at Great Baddow High School.

Concerts and stage productions are regular features of school life and large numbers of students take part in competitive games.

Tuition in a wide range of musical instruments is available. Interested parents are encouraged to contact the Head of Music.

Every opportunity is taken for the school to contribute to the activities of the local community and students are engaged regularly in programmes of community service.

Students are encouraged to participate in field studies, a wide range of curricular enrichment trips and international visits. The school has a longstanding exchange programme with the Eschenbach Grammar School, in Germany. 

Up-to-date club timetables will be provided to students when they become available and will be on display in each department and on our website.

Sports Clubs

The club timetable is available below and will be on display in the Sports College for students.

During your son/daughters time at Great Baddow High School we will be able to offer a range of sports fixtures for them to take part in. 

To enable your child to take part in fixtures out of school time please complete the PARCON (parental consent form) using the link attached.  This form asks your permission for us to act in loco parentis.  Once signed by you, this form gives your child permission to take part in sporting activities on and offsite for their entire time at Great Baddow High School, however, should any information on this change, please ensure you contact the school so that this can be updated.  At times, photographs of your child may be taken to form displays of success or use on controlled social media accounts/school website or press releases. If you have any questions relating to this or any other matter in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

General Consent for Participation in Regular Sports Activities and Fixtures Submissions

Instrumental Lessons 

We are joined weekly by 11 peripatetic teachers giving specialist tuition in a range of instruments providing 15, 30 or 60 minute lessons during the school day. This service is provided by Essex Music Services and private-tutors. 

Please complete and return the form below to apply for specialist music lessons:

Application Form for One to One Music Lessons.