Beehive Lane Primary School win GBHS Spellcasters Competition 2023

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26th May 2023

On Thursday 25th May we were joined by four of our local primary schools, Baddow Hall Junior School, Barnes Farm Junior School, Beehive Lane Primary School and St. Andrews Junior School, for our annual Spellcasters event. 

Each school brought along four students who had all been working very hard learning spellings for the competition.

There were seven rounds of spellings including individual spellings, team spellings and a surprise round. Every single student was amazing and worked very hard. The scores were extremely close but only one school could win. 

A huge congratulations to Beehive Lane for winning yet again!

“The Year 5 Spellcasters event was a tremendous success resulting in Beehive Lane winning for the second time in a row. Although they all found this event challenging, entertaining and exciting, all the Year 5s should be extremely proud of themselves for their hard work by answering challenging questions. The student librarians helped the Year 5s with their fantastic teamwork of encouraging them and making sure they are all happy and comfortable.”

Laura, Year 9


“The Year 5 should be extremely proud of themselves as they have shown amazing teamwork.”

“It was incredible to see their hard work and determination.”

“Exceptional work and perseverance were demonstrated by the Year 5s.”

“They were all confident in themselves and their team by supporting each other.”

“The Year 5s were very polite and tried to get everyone engaged.”