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Fallout London Trailer Sets Release Date for Mod

Fallout 4’s highly anticipated Fallout London mod finally has a release date. The upcoming total conversion mod will take players to post-apocalyptic Britain when it launches in late April.

Fallout London launches on April 23

With the games and upcoming show all taking place in the continental US, Fallout has always been vague about the state of the rest of the world. However, some fans will share their own interpretation of post-apocalyptic Britain with the upcoming Fallout London, first announced in 2021. According to its latest trailer, the mod launches on April 23, coinciding with the English celebration of St. George’s Day.

While developer Team Folon hoped to release Fallout London late last year, it faced a last-minute delay for additional polish. The COVID-19 pandemic also posed a challenge to development.

More of an extended showcase than a simple trailer, the 13-minute video offers a detailed overview of the upcoming mod. According to the video, the mod’s open world includes 15 Burroughs of London. Each of these districts has a different theme reflecting the region’s history and how 160 years of post-apocalypse have reshaped the city. In addition to the main open world, Fallout London also has 11 additional world spaces and over 300 interiors. According to Team Folon, this gives it a total area equivalent to Fallout 4 and its Far Harbor DLC combined.

The showcase also revealed that the mod has 53 main quests and over 100 side, faction, and companion quests. Some of these storylines intersect, and Fallout London has over 90,000 lines of dialogue. This is more than Fallout: New Vegas and only slightly less than Fallout 4.

The new setting also necessitates new weapons, armor, and enemy types, with Team Folon showing several in the trailer. While many are reskins of existing items and creatures, others are wholly original to Fallout London.

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