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Role Play Interview: Kaley Cuoco & David Oyelowo Talk Action & Horses

ComingSoon Senior Editor Spencer Legacy spoke with Role Play stars Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo about the Prime Video action comedy movie. The duo spoke about the process of getting to know one another and Cuoco‘s affinity for horses. The film is set to debut on the streaming platform on Friday, January 12, 2024.

“Emma has a wonderful husband and two kids in the suburbs of New Jersey — she also has a secret life as an assassin for hire, a secret that her husband Dave discovers when the couple decide to spice up their marriage with a little role play,” reads the movie‘s synopsis.

Spencer Legacy: Kaley, in this, you’re not only playing a character, but you’re a character who’s also playing characters. What challenges come with kind of playing a character who almost has sub-roles that you have to do?

Kaley Cuoco: Oh my gosh, I think I got that practice in Flight Attendant when I played 700 versions of myself. [Laughs]. So this felt like, “Oh, I think I can handle this.” Yeah, there were a lot of interesting aspects to this that were very appealing. One, playing a badass, also playing a mom, playing a wife, getting to do some of those fun fight sequences that I’ve always wanted to do, and getting to work with this legend was obviously a huge, huge win. So there were just a lot of boxes checked. It was a real cool experience.

David, you two have such great chemistry in Role Play. Was that connection present from the get-go, or what was it like developing that?

David Oyelowo: Yeah, I’m glad you say that. It certainly felt that way from the get-go. The get-go, for us, was a lunch that we had. We hadn’t met before and barely had … I sat down when Kaley presented me with 20 questions. [Laughs]. I had to answer in order for us to break the ice. So, very quickly, I found out that she likes goats, hates mushrooms, and doesn’t like socks.

Kaley Cuoco: [Laughs].

David Oyelowo: So I knew things about her that, uh, I didn’t expect.

Kaley Cuoco: Yes! Exactly.

David Oyelowo: But I will say that, starting with that launch and through the shoot and even to now, there’s just been such a connection for us both. We share a lot of the values that, actually, the film touches on as well — fighting for a relationship, how important family is, but also the fun that you see in the film, as well. It’s just one of those alchemy things that that side of things worked as well.

Kaley, you were also in the action movie The Man From Toronto. What is it about the genre that really draws you in? Do you want to keep doing it? after Role Play?

Kaley Cuoco: I guess I was in that movie. I didn’t get to do any action though! [Laughs]. I wanted to be the one doing action. I was watching all the action happen.

David Oyelowo: That’s so funny. “I guess I was in that movie.”

Kaley Cuoco: I was like, “Was I in that?” But that was their action, which was entertaining. But no, I wanted to always do a film that I could be a little bit of an action badass, because I love being physical. I love working out, I love boxing. I wanted to be able to put that into something that I work on, so this was a great experience. I had an amazing stunt double. I learned so much about these stunt teams and what they do and what they do for us and the work put into it and the choreography. It was a big learning experience for sure.

David, the scene where you kind of get shot by Kaley was really intense. What was filming that like?

David Oyelowo: It was a lot of fun and also quite challenging. I mean, how do you act that? It’s such an extreme thing — the notion of your wife shooting you in order to save you, but you don’t know that in the moment. But it was also one of the moments that elicited some of the most absurd and fun-to-play elements of the film, especially in the wake of having been shot by your wife. [Laughs]. I mean, that was part of the fun. But also, and people probably know this, Kaley’s an amazing horse woman. So that’s something I want to see you do in a movie.

Kaley Cuoco: That would be cool. You’ve done that!

David Oyelowo: I’ve done that.

Kaley Cuoco: Yeah, you just did it.

David Oyelowo: That was a lot of fun. But you are really good.

Kaley Cuoco: Yeah, that would be cool. Western, I guess, would be the next thing.

David Oyelowo: Yeah, that’d be cool. Let’s find the Western.

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